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Our Team

Path Finders Team Services, LLC Early Interventionists and Case Managers will assemble a team that best meets the consumer’s physical, medical, developmental, and emotional needs. With the direction, information, and support provided by Path Finders Team Services, LLC, families, caregivers, and consumers will be empowered with knowledge and skills enabling them to make the best decisions possible in order to engage the community around them. Goals and objectives will be driven by families, caregivers, and consumers and facilitated by Path Finders Team Services, LLC in order to maximize potential.

Sloan Todd

Owner/Case Manager


After graduation from the College of Charleston with a degree in Sociology I set out to find my first “real” job. I was hired as a Service Coordinator. While I have always known I wanted to do something that made a difference in the lives of other people, I spent the next twelve years in the field of Service Coordination. The families and the consumers I worked with taught me more than I could ever learn in a text book. I knew I had found the field I wanted to make my life’s work.

After my twelve year career as a Service Coordinator and Supervisor I decided it was time for a change, for the past seven years I have been the Executive Director of Pattison’s Academy.

I absolutely love working with children and adults with disabilities, I missed the daily interaction with the people we were serving and their families. I wanted to get back to what was important, listening, interacting and participating in the lives of the people I wanted to help. I have always wanted a hobby, but never could sit still long enough to have one.

I am busy keeping up with my two amazing boys, William 13 and Nathan 10. When I am not taxi driver, referee or short order cook I am reading. I LOVE to read. I have a wonderful supporting family and amazing friends. Life is good.

Jennifer Horres

Owner/Case Manager/Early Interventionist


I have always had a great love of children but wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. After graduation from Winthrop University with a degree in Psychology and Child Development I began working with preschoolers in early literacy programs in Dorchester County. I quickly discovered Early Intervention and began an eight year career as the Lead EI in Dorchester County before starting the Early Intervention and Service Coordination programs for Pattison’s Academy.

I love working with children and adults with disabilities. Watching their progress and growing with their families is the most fulfilling aspect of my job.

I live in Summerville with my husband and three children and 2 dogs. We are very active at Bethany United Methodist where I run the Bridges program for children with disabilities including the monthly respite program for families of children with disabilities.

Lauren Bolen

Lead Early Interventionist


As the sister of a twin with Spina Bifida and severe hearing loss as well as a little brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder, intervention services have always been apart of my life. It wasn’t long before I realized the significance of what was happening while my siblings were getting to “play.” I knew I wanted to be apart of something as special as that was.

After graduating from Clemson University with a B.S. in Psychology, I was given an incredible opportunity to teach at Trident Academy in their ASD program. It was in my time there that I was able to truly cultivate my passion for children with disabilities, working with their families and creating teams to enable children to reach their upmost potential. Shortly after my time with Trident came to end, I came across Path Finders and could not be happier. Path Finders creates an outlet for everything I love, stand for and believe in to come together in one place. Now, I am working towards my Masters in Education: Student Services with hopes to reach more children as the years go on.

I love nothing more than spending my weekends in Clemson, cheering on my Tigers! If I’m not there, you can find me playing with my springer spaniel, Moose or hanging out at my parents’ farm. I think green tea is superior to coffee and dark chocolate can solve any problem. Most importantly, I love living life with the people I love the most in the place I love most. Go Tigers!

Rhonda Beaufort

Early Interventionist


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Everything about education excites me. I’ve always admired the idea of shaping the minds of our children: our future. I am a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. I earned my Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Early Childhood Studies.

Right out of college, I began my career as a preschool teacher. It was then that I realized that I love working with the little ones! When I found Path Finders Team Services, I instantly connected with their mission. Being able to work with children and their families is the best part about what I do. I am a wife and a mother. When I am not working, I am spending time with my family, trying new food, or learning new things on YouTube!

Hanna Youngblood

Case Manager



I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and could never imagine leaving the area. I went to the College of Charleston for a degree in Sociology with the hopes of being able to make an impact in the lives of others within the community. A majority of the classes I focused on were those centered around child welfare and social issues. 

Before joining Path Finders, I was an intern with the City of Charleston Police Department and as a recruiter gave me an opportunity to help those who were in need, and that made me happy. I’m happy that this position gives me a chance to build relationships with the families I work with, and be able to help them the best I can.

When I’m not working, I am at home with my fiancé Dalton and our dog Dixie, cooking, watching movies, or on the couch with a good book.

Anna Willard

Early Interventionist


I started babysitting at a young age and ever since then I knew I wanted to work with children. In high school, I realized my love for working with children with special needs. When I started college at the University of South Carolina I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do until I became close friends with a little girl with Down Syndrome. It was when I started taking her to therapy and working with her daily that I knew my calling was to help children like her along with other disabilities.

I did as much research as I could to find a career that would let me do what I love that eventually led me to Early Intervention. After graduating with a BS in Psychology, I was lucky enough to find Path Finders Team Services. I believe in their mission and love being a part of something as special as this is. I love music, my dog and my favorite place is the beach!

Taylor Norris

Early Interventionist


Since a very young age, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, especially children.  Growing up in Virginia I volunteered at youth camps and there I found a passion for working with younger children and helping them in any way possible. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA and played softball.  While in college, I was a volunteer for the Juvenile Justice System, an intern at a early learning center, and a teacher at our colleges early learning center.

Following graduation, I went back home to Virginia and was hired as a preschool teacher. After doing that for about a year, I moved to Charleston and found Path Finders. I couldn’t be happier! During my free time, I enjoy taking my puppy CiCi on boat rides, spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, shopping, and trying new restaurants!

Tara Marshall

Case Manager


Growing up in a family full of givers, set my life in the direction of service to others. I have always found myself asking the question, “What can I do to help?”

I am a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology; Go Eagles! A good portion of my education was related to adolescent social-psychology. I love to see how others interact with their environment as well as finding ways to help better the lives of others.

I have worked in several capacities to help ensure the wellbeing of minor children; working as a Child Care Licensing agent for the State of South Carolina, Case Manager for the Community Base Prevention program and as an Eligibility Specialist for South Carolina’s Medicaid Program. All of my past positions have afforded me the opportunity to help others better their lives, which gives me great joy.

When I am not working to help my clients and those I serve, I am at home with my husband Justin and son Liam watching super hero movies and discussing video games.