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Our Services

Early Intervention Services

The early years of every child’s life have great significance. During the infant and toddler years some children follow normal pattern of development. But some children and families have to face special challenges. Since their children face developmental delays or disability, they do not follow similar course of development so their parents seek guidance and help. Developmental delays can be physical, cognitive, communicative, social, or emotional. If such delays and disabilities are identified early,  parents and care givers can get help sooner and problem can be minimized or eliminated. Early intervention does make a difference.  Children whose needs and delays are identified and addressed  during early years have maximum chance of reaching their full potential.

Early Intervention Services are available for children birth through 5 who qualify under BabyNet and/or DDSN eligibility.  A trained Early Interventionist will work with your family to create and attain goals for your child, as well as help to navigate the services available to your child. We believe in the family centered approach.

Case Management Services

Case Management Services are available for children and adults 3 years and up who qualify under DDSN eligibility.  Your Case Manager will help identify your personal and family needs and gain access to the services available to meet those needs.  From school age through adulthood, we will help you access and navigate Medicaid services, waiver programs and community supports.

Diverse Population

We serve children with a variety of diagnoses such as:

    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Developmental delays
    • Speech/ Language delays
    • Genetic Conditions
    • Prematurity/Failure to Thrive
    • Gross motor delays
    • Autism